Covid-19 Special – Ken Strain & Tucker Goodrich

Professor Ken Strain is an experimental physicist, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Institute of Physics and is the deputy director of the Institute for Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow here in Scotland. He was part of the international collaboration that successfully discovered gravitational waves. And on the side there is a large interest in nutrition science.

Tucker Goodrich is a Wall Street tech guru and citizen scientist who healed his own illnesses mainly by cutting out vegetable oils and gluten from his diet. His most recent blog post on this subject can be found here:

We discuss:

  •  What’s happened in the last two to three months?
  • When was total lockdown more damaging than helpful?
  • Why are we seeing such a topsy turvy attitude to the data?
  • What can people do to protect themselves from covid’s likely return in the winter (hint: cut out carbs and veg oils)?
  • What we know about virus transmission?
  • Is it really so very novel?
  • Innate / T-cell immunity & why nutrition helps a lot.

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