Covid-19 Special – Professor Ken Strain

Professor Ken Strain is an experimental physicist, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Institute of Physics and is the deputy director of the Institute for Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow here in Scotland. He was part of the international collaboration that successfully discovered gravitational waves. And on the side there is a large interest in nutrition science.

  • Understanding and thoughts on coronavirus
  • Some headlines from the C19 data and walk through of the analysis of the data so far
  • Lockdown effectiveness
  • Early positive results from Sweden
  • What the R0 value is
  • Cytokines and lung function and/or blood disorders
  • Why might viral evolution favour hypoxia?
  • The Diamond Princess
  • Mitochondria and C19
  • What do we know so far about people’s existing medical conditions and C19, and what could be done about it?

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