Covid-19 Special – Professor Kentaro Iwata

Professor Kentaro Iwata is a medical doctor, professor, and infectious disease expert at Kobe University.

We talk about:

  • Importance of aggressive measures BEFORE explosion of cases
  • COVID-19’s clever tactics compared to previous viral outbreaks
  • Positive antibody testing does not necessarily mean immunity
  • We must look to Italy in next few weeks and months for most important data on C19 progression
  • Massive adverse effects of lockdown, a necessary evil
  • Only way to avert calamity in Tokyo is lockdown
  • Japan’s death rate, tactics, and masks
  • Sweden’s tactics and comparing countries with each other
  • The outcome of tactics depends on adherence and cultural differences
  • Knowing when your tactics are working or not – 10 day lag time
  • The importance of clarity from leaders
  • Can we compare the Diamond Princess to wider society?
  • We don’t know denominator in wider society yet, or even between countries
  • The difficulty in assigning death to C19
  • How to decide when to relax lockdown
  • Potential for antibody testing
  • Can we stop this kind of thing happening again?
  • What is the real source of C19?

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