Dr. Liz Genever – On Why We Should Love Our Farmers

Our guest on this episode is Dr. Liz Genever, who is an independent sheep and beef consultant. She talks about:

  • The place for cows and sheep on the UK’s 65% of land that only has grass on it.
  • Making animal agriculture more efficient to reduce emissions and cost per kilo of food.
  • Increasing welfare both because farmers like to care for their animals, and to improve animal health for meat quality.
  • How farmers are improving their communication with the media to explain how much of what you hear about UK animal agriculture is wrong.
  • Being proud of UK agricultural output which is high welfare and high quality.
  • Videos of mistreatment of animals.
  • FaceTime a farmer.
  • How we should have an honest discussion about best use of our land.
  • The nutrient cycle and depletion in soil.
  • Plus we get Liz’s dog’s hot take on things.

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Twitter – twitter.com/LizGenever

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