Dr. Mark Cucuzzella – Another Top Low Carb Doctor

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella is an Air Force Reserve lieutenant colonel, a general practitioner in West Virginia, a professor at the West Virginia University School of Medicine, conducts Healthy Running Medical Education courses, and is the author of the book Run For Your Life. He has more than 100 marathon and ultra-marathon finishes under his belt, and has won the Air Force marathon twice.

  • Mark’s new book Low Carb On Any Budget
  • The U.S. Air Force’s weight problem
  • Gary Taubes’ Good Calories Bad Calories
  • Continuous glucose monitors for health
  • Junk food in hospitals and schools
  • Mark’s victory over junk food in his hospital
  • Mark’s paper on reducing medication when a low carb diet requires it
  • Supplementation
  • Almost everyone can be rehabilitated to running
  • Nutrition Network training for GPs
  • Our need for more health coaches

Mark can be found at:

His website – https://www.drmarksdesk.com/

Book website – https://runforyourlifebook.com/

Nature Prescriptions website – http://natureprescriptions.org/

Previous podcast episode – https://paleocanteen.co.uk/professor-frederic-leroy-the-food-fight/

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