Dr. Nic Gill – The All Blacks’ Strength, Conditioning & Nutrition

Dr. Nic Gill is a professional strength and conditioning coach, and an associate professor at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. For the last 13 years he has been the S&C coach for the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

We discuss:

  • Nic’s self experimentation on nutrition
  • Carbs and exercise
  • Individualising is the key
  • The All Blacks’ nutrition
  • Cardio vs muscle gains
  • Body weight training vs weight training
  • Do the exercise you enjoy
  • Protective rule changes for rugby
  • Alcohol and health
  • Time restricted eating
  • Vegetarian and performance
  • Favourite exercises

Nic can be found at:

Instagram – instagram.com/nicgill_health_and_performance/

Website – nicgill.com

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/paleocanteen

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