Dr. Peter Brukner – Good Sport

Dr. Peter Brukner is a sports medic, author, and real food advocate. He’s recently been the doctor to the Australian cricket team and Liverpool football club.

We talk about:

  • Being team doctor for Australian Olympic athletes, the Socceroos, Liverpool FC, and the Australian Cricket Team
  • His metabolic illness
  • Prof. Tim Noakes and Gary Taubes blowing the whistle on carbs and fat
  • Weight loss, appetite control, focus, and fatty liver improving on low carb
  • Sugar By Half campaign
  • A Fat Lot of Good book
  • The battle to convince doctors
  • Drugs and surgery are doctors’ comfort zone
  • Doctors don’t get enough nutrition training
  • Why Atkins didn’t stick properly
  • Jurgen Klopp’s giant Ginster’s
  • Elite athletes moving towards better and better nutrition
  • Owen Franks carnivore
  • Is low carb right for athletes?
  • How should normal people eat?
  • David Pocock & Chris Froome training low and playing high carb
  • Alcohol, gambling, and junk food sponsorship in sport
  • UV and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s blog
  • Vit D deficiency in Australia
  • Tucker Goodrich
  • Paul Mason
  • Scoundrel Ice Cream

Peter can be found at:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PeterBrukner

Websites – https://www.sugarbyhalf.com/, https://www.peterbrukner.com/, https://www.fatlotofgood.com.au/

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