How Paleo Can Revolutionise Your Health

Eating Paleo means eating like our ancient ancestors (without dodging saber-toothed tigers). Our ancestors came from all over the world with different climates and foods available to them, so what should we eat?

Before humans ate modern foods such as gluten grains, refined vegetable oils, and sugar, we were almost free of chronic disease, as documented by Dr. Weston A. Price (also known as the Charles Darwin of Nutrition).

We stick closely to Paleo principles. You won't find any gluten grains, refined sugar, or refined vegetable oils in our food. Ever.

We can rediscover the Power of Food, and live like our ancestors. As one of our ambassadors Dr. Aseem Malhotra says, "It's not easy to work out what is healthy food these days. Paleo Canteen is healthy food".