Lisa Bailey – The Carnivore Nutritionist

Lisa Bailey is a nutritionist, health coach & personal trainer here in Scotland. She also is a carnivore who eats no food from plants, no fruits or vegetables at all. We discuss:

  • Lisa’s ill health from childhood
  • 27 years of vegetarianism
  • Sense of smell and taste coming back after 20 years after switching to carnivore
  • Bottle feeding vs breast feeding, Nick Mailer’s talk –
  • Peter from Hyperlipid on formula –
  • Gut permeability – Dairy & Gluten
  • Peer pressure and diet “normality”
  • Carnivore for everyone?
  • Healthy micro biome
  • Doctors and their understanding of “invisible” illnesses
  • Cold vs hot food
  • Home smoked fat, suet, and bone marrow
  • Eating offal

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