Professor Frédéric Leroy – The Food Fight

Professor Frédéric Leroy is a professor in the field of food science and (bio)technology in Free University of Brussels.

We talk about:

  • EAT/Lancet planetary diet
  • High profit margins in vegan processed foods
  • Forcing a diet on people
  • What hope do we have?
  • Connecting with our food
  • The battle for calories and nutrients
  • The meat / veg lobby vs. the processed food lobby
  • Improving food systems to feed growing populations
  • The postmodern approach to reinventing food
  • Apocalyptic predictions
  • EAT/Lancet motivations
  • Conflict of interest and challenging your own theories
  • What is the best diet?
  • NutriRECS
  • Fermented foods


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