Professor Frédéric Leroy – The Great Reset

Professor Frédéric Leroy is a professor in the field of food science and (bio)technology in Free University of Brussels.

We talk about:

  • Prof. Leroy’s bioengineering background
  • EAT Lancet’s planetary diet restricting meat and potatoes
  • Why are we inverting our two million year positive relationship with meat?
  • The Great Reset – on the cover of TIME Magazine
  • The Great Food Transformation
  • Accelerating rate of undemocratic top-down change
  • The people involved – the WEF
  • Maurice Strong’s Davos new age utopian transition mindset
  • The motivation for The Great Reset
  • EAT Lancet’s diet similar to macrobiotic diet – more grains, legumes, and veg oils, less red meat and eggs
  • Urban Western consumers and food virtue signalling
  • The true scope of EAT Lancet’s diet
  • The shift wheel
  • Taxes, restrictions, bans, Veganuary, making meat less visible, changing dietary guidelines etc.
  • Comparison to authoritarian policies of the past
  • Lack of dialogue and consultation within EAT
  • How grain cultivation was how the first human elites controlled the population
  • Why we need grassroots movements in communities to counter this
  • Health of soil, animals, foods, communities, and society
  • Regenerative agriculture is a mindset and a food system
  • Why we need to fight hard against this by reconnecting with our food
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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