Tucker Goodrich – AUTOIMMUNE Diseases, Wheat & Seed Oils

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7:40      Autoimmunity in Africa (Trowell & Burkitt, 1981)

18:20    Daughter’s allergies (Goodrich, 2011)

20:46    Intestinal permeability & wheat (Visser et al., 2009)

22:28    Celiacs who are allergic to mitochondria (Cervio et al., 2007; Volta et al., 2002)

23:20    Increasing prevalence of Celiac (Catassi et al., 2010; Rubio–Tapia et al., 2009)

35:35    Wheat, goat grass, 33-mer (Brouns et al., 2022)

38:45    Wheat in Egypt (Abu-Zekry et al., 2008)

43:00    Wheat and T1DM (Ciacci & Zingone, 2016)

47:25    Wheat is a carcinogen (O’Farrelly et al., 1986)

50:50    Wheat and schizophrenia (Dohan, 1966)

52:38    Poison ivy and PUFA (Xia et al., 2004)

56:34    PUFA up to 20% of American diet (National Cancer Institute, 2019)

57:42    Brown & Goldstein and LDL (Goldstein et al., 1979)

58:54    Steinberg & Witztum and modified LDL (Steinberg et al., 1989)

1:00:00 OxLDL and auto-antibodies (Hörkkö et al., 1996)

1:00:02 Antiphospholipid syndrome and cardiolipin (Hörkkö et al., 1996; Tuominen et al., 2006)

1:09:16 400-1000x as oxidized as normal LDL (AOCS American Oil Chemists’ Society, 2021)

1:11:56 All autoimmune diseases involve oxidative stress—seed oil toxicity (Pagano et al., 2014)

1:12:20 Oxidized linoleic acid induces beta-amyloid (Arimon et al., 2015)

1:14:00 Insulin resistance and oxLDL (Li et al., 2013)

1:19:06 Homicide and linoleic acid consumption (Drewitt-Smith & Rheinberger, 2019; Hibbeln, 2007; Hibbeln et al., 2004)

1:21:20 Smoking and CVD-free populations (Lindeberg et al., 1994; Sinnett & Whyte, 1973)

1:25:28 OxLDL and beta cells (Abderrahmani et al., 2007)

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