Brad Marshall – The Croissant Diet

Brad Marshall is a former cancer researcher who now raises and sells the meat from pigs raised in a very special way that he sells on

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We talk about:

  • Brad’s genetics and cancer research background
  • His interest in food and move into farming
  • How pig breed and feed dictates fat content
  • Corn in USA vs barley in northern Europe and northern USA
  • Brad’s struggles with weight and use of Atkins / keto
  • The Hyperlipid blog
  • Linoleic acid danger and abundance of it in the restaurant industry
  • Valerie Reeves’ thesis on stearic acid leading to The Croissant Diet
  • The protons thread on Hyperlipid explained in more simple terms
  • Why saturated fat is so good for satiety vs. linoleic acid being so bad
  • Why carbohydrates per se are not the main problem
  • The Croissant Diet as the other French paradox
  • The hypothalamus
  • Why calories in calories out is so simplistic
  • The recent history of making pigs more lean
  • Traditional people would go to great lengths to remove PUFA from foods
  • Lack of diversity on farms

Valerie Reeves’ thesis –

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2 thoughts on “Brad Marshall – The Croissant Diet

  1. Simon Baird says:

    Great episode. Hearing how the economies of modern farming affect the meat we eat.
    One bug… The guests are always easy to hear, but your microphone seems to be set much quieter. As I often listen at night it’s hard to get the level right so I can hear both but not wake up the Mrs.
    Keep up the good work!

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