Brad Marshall – The Croissant Diet

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Brad Marshall is a former cancer researcher who now raises and sells the meat from pigs raised in a very special way that he sells on

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We talk about:

  • Brad’s genetics and cancer research background
  • His interest in food and move into farming
  • How pig breed and feed dictates fat content
  • Corn in USA vs barley in northern Europe and northern USA
  • Brad’s struggles with weight and use of Atkins / keto
  • The Hyperlipid blog
  • Linoleic acid danger and abundance of it in the restaurant industry
  • Valerie Reeves’ thesis on stearic acid leading to The Croissant Diet
  • The protons thread on Hyperlipid explained in more simple terms
  • Why saturated fat is so good for satiety vs. linoleic acid being so bad
  • Why carbohydrates per se are not the main problem
  • The Croissant Diet as the other French paradox
  • The hypothalamus
  • Why calories in calories out is so simplistic
  • The recent history of making pigs more lean
  • Traditional people would go to great lengths to remove PUFA from foods
  • Lack of diversity on farms

Valerie Reeves’ thesis –

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