Professor Ken Strain – The Physicist Who Experimented On Himself

This is an inspiring episode of The Canteen Podcast. Professor Ken Strain talks about:

 – How he cured his chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E.

– The different challenges in physics and nutrition research

– How it comes down to mitochondrial health

– Gravitational waves

– The mistakes made with nutrition research and public health guidelines

– The dangers of omega 6 polyunsaturated fat, namely linoleic acid

– Lab grown meat

– Epigenetics

– How he eats nowadays (pretty much carnivore)

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2 thoughts on “Professor Ken Strain – The Physicist Who Experimented On Himself

  1. Nick says:

    Thankyou for a very interesting interview. The complexity of the sicence of nutrition becomes apparent when someone as intelligent as Ken can study nutrition and come to the conclusion that orange juice is “dangerous or toxic” . Thank goodness Ally you are aware of Ray Peat . This is from a newsletter from Peat :
    “People have told me that when they looked for articles on fructose in PubMed they couldn’t find anything except articles about its bad effects. There are two reasons for that. PubMed, like the earlier Index Medicus, represents the material in the National Library of Medicine, and is a medical, rather than a scientific, database, and there is a large amount of important research that it ignores. And because of the authoritarian and conformist nature of the medical profession, when a researcher observes something that is contrary to majority opinion, the title of the publication is unlikely to focus on that. In too many articles in medical journals, the title and conclusions positively misrepresent the data reported in the article.”

    • paleocanteen says:

      Thanks for listening Nick, and your comment. I think there is a slight misunderstanding about Ken’s statement. He is on the same wavelength as Peat in believing that the root cause of diabetes and metabolic derangement is not sugar per se. Ken is clear on this, that you get yourself into this mess with seed oils. Once you are there however, piling sugar and starch on is not recommended, especially since these things when combined with seed oils act as a multiplier to the derangement. Fructose from orange juice in the body of someone who is severely metabolically deranged as Ken was is safe to describe as dangerous. Wouldn’t you agree?

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