Andrew Scarborough – Fighting Malignant Brain Cancer

Andrew Scarborough has a masters in nutritional therapy and a degree in human medical science. He’s currently doing a postgraduate certification in clinical bioninformatics. He was diagnosed in 2013 with an incurable malignant brain tumour after having a brain haemorrhage on a train. We talk about:

  • 8 years with a highly malignant brain tumour
  • The public discussion of cancer therapies
  • Interpreting cancer therapy studies
  • Spontaneous remission
  • Chemical & viral cancer triggers
  • Genetic & environmental protection from cancer
  • Andrew’s e-book on the concerns around Gadolinium based contrast agents used in MRI scans
  • Awareness of the problem within the industry
  • New BHB coming soon from KetoSwiss
  • Benefits of taking ketones

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