Nikola Howard – Low Carb In The UK (Part 2)

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Nikola Howard, who is an author, coach and mentor, and started the online community Low Carb In The UK.

  • Nikola’s FB group and coaching
  • Food addiction
  • The HOPE protocol – healthy optimised purposeful eating
  • Finding your own way in low carb without counting
  • Allowing ourselves to escape diet prison
  • Rivalling Slimming World for low carb
  • Supplements – Vit D, magnesium, omega 3, vit C, iodine
  • Peri-menopausal berberine, quercetine, gynastemma for AMPK
  • B-vitamins and Co-Q10
  • Morton’s toe and vitamin deficiency
  • Chromium picolinate 200ug
  • The NHS and diabetes

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